Assumption Church

Two Items Survived the 1919 Tornado

Statue of Our Lady

the Statue of Our Lady

Surviving Church Bell

the Bell, Maria Immaculata

First Marysburg Church 1903

Original church 1903

Second Marysburg Church 1909

Second church

Church after tornado June 1919

After the tornado June 1919


The history of Assumption Church dates back July 1903, the fourth parish in the newly founded St. Peter’s Colony. The first small log church was completed in December of 1902.  By 1906 this thriving parish outgrew the building and a new 40 x 60 foot church with an 80 foot steeple was built at a cost of $2,850.00.  On June 27 of 1919, while a new addition was under construction, a cyclone completely destroyed this church. Only the bell (Maria Immaculata) and a statue of Our Lady (modelled on Titian’s painting of Our Lady’s Assumption) survived intact.  The bell still rings and our Lady’s statue graces the high altar of the current church.

The parish immediately decided on a substantial brick edifice and the roof was already in place by November, 1920.  By mid-February, 1921, the beautiful church was complete except for the two towers which were added in 1922. The first services in the new church were held on May 29,1921, the feast of Corpus Christi. Father Casmir, invited Father Peter, to have the honor of celebrating the first Highmass in the new church. In his sermon Father Peter alluded to the times when he held services in the log church, and congratulated the people of the parish on their magnificent spirit of sacrifice in erecting such a splendid edifice.

The church had more the appearance of a cathedral than a country church.  It was built by the Bonas Brothers of Muenster and paid for by the people of Marysburg, with much of the work donated by the parishioners.  The exterior is built of brick purchased from a company in Redcliffe, AB.  Interior brick, which came from the Bruno Interlocking Tile Co., Bruno, SK, is covered by lathe and plaster to complete the interior wall.  It was built in the neo-Renaissance style with Romanesque arches and an unribbed barrel vault over the transept.  Corinthian capitals top the interior pillars.  In the apse stands a magnificent Baroque high altar built by Frank Berher and Jacob Schmitz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It is graced by the Statue of Our Lady, which was modeled on a painting by Titian.  In addition to the main altar are two side altars and communion rail which were purchased from Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well.  Twenty-five stained-glass windows provide a beautiful natural light for this church.  Above the interior entrance doors are found stained-glass windows which were purchased from France.  A large number of paintings from Count Berthold Imhoff of St. Walburg, SK, were purchased in the 1950s. These grace the walls of this church with life-sized paintings of the 9 choir of angels in the apse and the 12 apostles on the clerestory.  Another treasure given to the church was an Italian artist’s creation of a wood-carved statue of St. Conrad of Parzham.

The blessing of the new Assumption church took place August 15, 1921, the feast of the Assumption, the patron feast of the parish, by Abbot Michael. Assisted by Fathers Hyacinth and Matthew, he celebrated mass during which five children made their first Holy Communion, 47 their Solemn Communion. Father Abbot addressed the congregation praising the pastor and parishioners who made such great sacrifices for the glory of God. After mass, Confirmation followed during which Mr. Henry Schulte and Mrs. George Rositch were sponsors. The following day Mr. and Mrs. Cismowski, observed their golden wedding anniversary. Franz X. Strueby was the first organist in the church at Dead Moose Lake.


Fr. Chrysostom HoffmannFr. Chrysostom Hoffmann, OSB

Fr. Peter WindschieglFr. Peter Windschiegl, OSB

Fr. BonifaceFr. Boniface Puth, OSB
(& 1909-1913)

Fr. Bernard SchaefflerFr. Bernard Schaeffler, OSB

Fr. Boniface PuthFr. Boniface Puth, OSB
(& 1906-1907)

Fr. Casimir CismowskiFr. Casimir Cismowski, OSB

Fr. Fridolin TrembullFr. Fridolin Trembull, OSB

Fr. Matthias StegerFr. Matthias Steger, OSB

Fr. John HableFr. John Hable, OSB

Fr. George BrodnerFr. George Brodner, OSB

Fr. William GehlenFr. William Gehlen, OSB

Fr. Alfred EngeleFr. Alfred Engele, OSB

Fr. Lawrence DemongFr. Lawrence Demong, OSB
(& 1989-1991)

Fr. Maurice WeberFr. Maurice Weber, OSB

Fr. Werner RennebergFr. Werner Renneberg, OSB

Fr. Daniel MuyresFr. Daniel Muyres, OSB
1986 - 1988

Fr. Joseph AckermanFr. Joseph Ackerman OSB
1988 - 1989

Fr. Lawrence DeMongFr. Lawrence DeMong OSB
1989 - 1991
(& 1975-1982)

Fr. Philip LoehrFr. Philip Loehr, OSB
1991 - 1997

Fr. Roman SchneiderFr. Roman Schneider, OSB
1997 - 2009

Fr. Paul PaproskiFr. Paul Paproski, OSB
2009 - 2010

Fr. Bernard StauberFr. Bernard Stauber, OSB

Fr. Emile AprilFr. Emile April

Fr. Modestus NgwuFr. Modestus Ngwu, OP

Fr. EmmanuelFr. Emmanuel Azike, OP

Fr. Johny MangalathFr. Johny Mangalath

Fr. Joseph ThangarajFr. Joseph Thangaraj
2011- 2012

Fr. GregFr. Greg Roth
2014 - 2014

In Closing

When we remember that Assumption Church was conceived and built by pioneer farmers just 16 years after their arrival in this new land, we stand in awe not merely at their achievement but at their vision.  Assumption Church stands today as a monument to our pioneers, a symbol of their perseverance and faith.