Assumption Church
Repairs underway

Repairs underway.

Assumption Church Restoration Committee was formed in 1998, when the parish had shrunk to 25 families.  These families, as well as a great many Marysburg expatriates, were very fond of their fine church and decided to undertake the huge task of restoration

From 1998 to the end of 2003, new furnaces were installed, the foundation repaired, the brick exterior repaired, insulation pumped between roof and ceiling, and both nave and side wings given new roofs.  This was financed entirely by local initiative. 

2004 saw the start of major renovations to the interior.  Mike Labelle of Western Restoration was hired  and as a result the interior of the church was replastered and painted.  Paintings by Berhold Imhoff were cleaned, repaired and remounted on the walls of the church in the winter of 2006.

The Assumption Church Restoration Committee received the Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Award in September of 2009 in the category of long-term stewardship.

New Tiles Being Installed

New roof tiles

As the restoration of this church continues fundraising events and donations from individuals and area businesses have contributed greatly to this cause. 

Work continues on the stained-glass windows; the wood floors have been refinished and the altar area has been enlarged to accommodate large choirs and multiple instrumentalists. A new hardwood floor was installed in this area. The first phase of “stage lighting” has been installed with plans to enhance it in the future as funds allow. Plans are in place to reface the exterior bricks in the summer of 2015 if the weather will cooperate. Also for 2015, we are hoping to improve accessibility to the church with the installation of a wheelchair ramp. Please revisit this site to check on our progress as well to learn about our upcoming events!

Interior of Damaged Tower
Interior of Damaged Tower
Interior of Damaged Tower