Assumption Church
Statue of Our Lady

Notes in the visitors’ book

Stained Glass Window“It’s awesome!  I love it here.”

“Thank you for saving this beautiful and historic church,” writes a visitor from Ontario. 

“Great to be back to my first Love,” writes a former pastor. 

“Yes, do save it!” writes a lady from Brazil.

“What a tribute to our ancestors!” 

“Love our second home.” 

“My dad went to church here 75 years ago.”


“A rarity.”


“The most beautiful place I have ever been.”

Some, of course, cannot find such superlatives and end up with “Holy Moly” and “Cool!”

Mike Labelle of Winnipeg, a restorer of old buildings, was particularly smitten with the stained glass windows.  He pronounced them “quite remarkable.”

“It’s a beautiful church,” said cellist Sarah Pomedli after her 2003 concert.

“It has great sound for strings.  It sounded as though the music went winging through the church.”  (Ms. Pomedli’s Marysburg concert followed hard on the heels of a very successful concert in Carnegie Hall.)

“Gregory Schulte’s playing of the Bach D Minor Toccata and Fugue couldn’t sound a bit better in Bach’s Thomaskirche in Leipzig.”

“The full rich sound came from all corners of the building, from ceiling, from the choir loft.  Here was stereo without technology.” - a member of the audience following the Lisa Hornung/Dianne Gryba concerts of July 3, 2002.

Bass player Wilmer Fawcett wrote from Vancouver after his internationally famous Viveza ensemble played in Marysburg, June 23, 2002 – “What a tremendous pleasure it was to play in the marvellous old church.”

“What a gorgeous place to sing!”  Henri Loiselle.

“A touch of heaven in the tranquillity of Marysburg” wrote Rev Al Hingley.

“We are new to the area and enjoy the concerts very much….and the church!….what a marvellous place.”

The church is a natural acoustic masterpiece undisturbed by carpeting, air-conditioning, traffic.